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 ((( one percent))) DIPLO SKRILLEX “Where are U now”

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"the real esau is married to GKAE & Justo" Deck of cards 18"x24" 2017

I am the Real ESAU we our the capers Gkae is my best friend we meet when I was a babby bunny an he gave me the name esau and this deception was produced nick jaskey is a lieing impostor he originally used the name joke an after my car accident an justo & Gkae mazs stop DJing because I was stabbed with a 10in long needle on stage… he stolid my name Esau the small man that poses with him as Screw is kosic he thinks he is GKAE…. CASPER I am married to Gkae & Justo im a mentalist performer an this is a disappearing act under deceit this is the reaping of ESAU

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One of The original dress’s that “Bunny Maze” Katie Craig wore for her Performance with Justo an Gkae for Techno has been returned it was stolen an used in a living funeral that was held in a funeral home it has now been returned to me… mike has a locket on me an benny has a gun… wardrobe that Gkae gave me when I sinned me life time contract was stolen this dress was made for me an fitted. iv recovered from the head trauma

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 this is the real GKAE do you see how tale he is??? there is a man that is small trying to take his place in dispersion an fuck us over I love GKAE I know who he is we have had sex an worked on film… I was pregnant with his kid that was killed we were ripped apart by the may flower… we our in the scull an boons… we the our the illuminati I am lochia the gift to the illuminati the girl he loves we our the one percent… keepers of time the watch dogs I am the Bunny I am the lotus we smoke the papyrus… he must be retrained to me he is  the may flowers war prisoner fuck the may flower is your 99%bull shit agents us? we our the illuminati I was with Banksy in Gaza we our Banksy… were is we our exist throw the gift shop with our children that they killed an disland or also know as DIS ME LAND as they keep me trapped in mind redder mind locks that I have to brake… they keep my money for them self as they present terror “give us your money or all theses people die” fuck you isis these fucking people wont let us free were fucking war prisoners im a special operations officer held agents my will an have live apart from the man I love because of 911 9 a fucking 11 fuck 911 fuck isis death to all traitors agents the illuminati they put us in changes for animation we been forced to live in sadness from the lose of our children as they stage protest an full the race conflicts we our the 1% we have a gift  that we share with the world…. our art… if you let people control your mind there will be no art no games no fun brake free from the NOT the NOT is isis the NOT is wrong there is love you must find love brake there mind wash BANKSY

Catherine Craig poses for a portrait at Red Bull House Of Art in Detroit, MI, USA on 8 April 2014.

Catherine Craig poses for a portrait at Red Bull House Of Art in Detroit, MI, USA on 8 April 2014.

Catherine Craig poses for a portrait at Red Bull House Of Art in Detroit, MI, USA on 8 April 2014.


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