Exactly Hitops

Title- “Museum Camouflage” Medium- photograph, tan print paper, street sine, ploy acrylic, Dimensions- 23.5″ x 30″ City-Detroit, MI

katie 2017 004

“the real esau is married to GKAE & Justo” Deck of cards 18″x24″ 2017

I am the Real ESAU we our the capers Gkae is my best friend we meet when I was a babby bunny an he gave me the name esau and this deception was produced nick jaskey is a lieing impostor he originally used the name joke an after my car accident an justo & Gkae mazs stop DJing because I was stabbed with a 10in long needle on stage… he stolid my name Esau the small man that poses with him as Screw is kosic he thinks he is GKAE…. CASPER I am married to Gkae & Justo im a mentalist performer an this is a disappearing act under deceit this is the reaping of ESAU ACT

kt 002 kt 008 kt 010